Jews, Gypsies, and the Half-Caste Man

Title: Jews, Gypsies, and the Half-Caste Man
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: Jews, Gypsies and the Half-Caste Man

Red River’s turning orange in Manitoba
Drunken soldiers running rampant in the street
Revenge is in the air and there will be no trial
None of them will ever sit in a defendant’s seat
Lock your doors and bar your windows
Make sure your daughters are safe at home!
Got to form a caravan
Got to find another land
Jews and gypsies and the Half-Caste Man.

We have a flag but we have no country
And families but we have no home
We take a piece of paper giving us the right to bide
Where once we were free to roam
Land scrip traded for a piece of candy
From the children of the illiterate!
Can it be the Rights Of Man were only written in the sand
For Jews and Gypsies and the Half-Caste Man?

And is it not the same the whole world over
In each and every land suddenly “possessed”?
Create a race of people to be used as tools
And then shunned and cast into the wilderness.
Maybe we will go to Louisiana
Maybe Peace River’s going to be our home
Always doing what we can, ready with another plan
Jews and Gypsies and the Half Caste Man.

© Don Freed

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