The Raisin' O' The Kilt

Title: The Raisin' O' The Kilt
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: The Raisin’ O’ The Kilt

In the long ago Red River days many a highland kilt was raised
Many a jock-less Jock was praised for his “hey-nonny-no-nonny-noo”.
Those gentlemen from across the sea wearing the kilt below the knee
Inflaming the curiosity of the Cree, Chippewa, and the Sioux!

And they loved to go heel and toe
With a crow-hop and a doh-si-doh
And dance underneath the moon
‘Till they’d start to swoon and wander off in pairs
And get married right aways
*A la fascon d’la pays*
And then have a bunch of heirs...
The McKays and the Campbells and Sinclairs!

And every week on Saturday they’d don their colours in a jaunty way
And dance to the fiddles of the “bois brûlé” **
Dancez tout! Dancez tout! Dancez Tout!

© Don Freed

* “ à la façon du pays” “in the fashion of the country” (without benefit of clergy)
** The Métis in the Red River Settlement were called “burnt wood”.

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