Title: Mijakamijikok
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: Mijakamijikok*

Old grandmother of the Chippewa
Are you somewhere near me?
Was it you I saw in an otter in lake water near the Sault?
Old grandmother, cinnamon hue.

Old grandmother have you been in pain?
Could all your children ever know your name?
From the shores of Gitchee Gummi long ago
Old grandmother, here at last I know!

Mijakamijikok, Mijakamijikok, Mijakamijikok

Came a voyageur past Sault Ste. Marie
And he said to you “will you marry me?”
And the name you had was “Rainbow Through The Sky”
Old grandmother – when you caught his eye!

©Don Freed

Also Mijakamijijikok.

Type: Collection

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