Allons Pontbriard

Title: Allons Pontbriard
Creator: Don Freed
Subject: Lyrics
Description: Allons Pontbriard

Allons Pontbriard! I wish to hear no more of freedom
Allons Pontbriard! Not while freedom’s what we crave
Allons Pontbriard! There is a ship that soon is sailing!
It will take us away. It is leaving today, Pontriard!

My friend, do not wilt before this vision
Let’s go, together we will make a plan
Stay here and all our days will pass before us
We will still be waiting for the Rights of Man!

Have not you, Pontbriard, watched a brother die of hunger?
Have not you, Pontbriard, seen the King hunt in his woods?
Have not you, Pontbriard, tasted of the bile of justice?
We have heard brave men squeal deep within the Bastille, Pontbriard!

These ones who take the bounty of our labour!
These ones, their own selves to glorify!
Take heed, for I’ve had a dream about them
And their heads rolled through the gardens of Versailles!

Attends, mon ami, to the heart that beats within you
Viens, mon ami, for there is no time to waste
Vivons, mon ami, where you can speak to me of freedom
Waiting for me and you in a valley of green and blue, Pontbriard!

We go just to live and not to conquer
Free men, we shall wear no epaulettes
Kneel down, say an Ave to Our Lady
And we’ll cross the sparkling sea with no regrets!

©Don Freed

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