That's A Good Idea. Effective Practices in First Nations and Métis Education

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Title: That's A Good Idea. Effective Practices in First Nations and Métis Education
Creator: Barry Bashutski, Leah Dorion, Todd Paquin, Darren R. Préfontaine, Karon Shmon, Lorraine Amiotte
Subject: Education
Description: This document discusses some of the effective practices by Saskatchewan schoolteachers in incorporating Aboriginal content in the classroom. The report was produced in conjunction with the Saskatchewan School Trustees Association.
Publisher: Saskatchewan School Trustee Association
Type: Text Document
Format: Text
Language: English
Abstract: This document is a first step in gathering and disseminating effective practices,
programs, activities and strategies that are effective in meeting the educational needs
of First Nations and Métis students. The purpose of this endeavour is to provide
teachers, administrators and others interested in the education process with an
avenue to share experiences that effectively increased understanding and awareness of
Aboriginal cultures, issues and perspectives and which support Aboriginal students in
achieving greater success and improved satisfaction in school. In providing other
educators with successful ideas, these initiatives may be broadly implemented in
Saskatchewan's schools. This report also anticipates that, as programs are shared,
developed and put into practice, educators will continue to communicate their
experiences and suggestions with the SSTA. In this way, both Aboriginal and non-
Aboriginal students alike will benefit.
Date of Copyright: May 30, 2003
Coverage: Saskatchewan
GDI Media Filename: SSTA Report.pdf

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