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Michif is the endangered orally-based language of the Métis people. Perhaps only 5-10% of the population are able to speak the language, with the majority being elders. The Gabriel Dumont Institute's mandate is to promote and preserve Métis culture, and therefore has been developing resources that allow people to hear and read the language. Since Michif is an oral language, no standard orthography exists. As a result, the Institute recognizes the spelling conventions of Michif experts, such as Norman Fleury.

Michif Dictionary

This online dictionary features over 11,500 translations and audio pronunciations by Michif-language expert Norman Fleury. A search tool allows users to look up the English word to find the Michif translations.

This project was developed by the Gabriel Dumont Institute, and was funded through the Department of Canadian Heritage's Aboriginal Languages Initiative.

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Michif Lessons

Featuring over 1000 words and phrases to learn over 60 exercises, with audio pronunciations by Michif-language expert Norman Fleury.

The Gabriel Dumont Institute acknowledges funding support for this project through the Office of the Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

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Michif Resources

In this section, you will find a variety of Michif resources including videos, interviews, oral histories, educational games, and narrated children's books.