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Demonstrative Pronouns 1

Their dog. _______________________This dog here. _______________________
Your dog. _______________________That dog there. _______________________
This is a dog. _______________________These dogs. _______________________
That dog. _______________________His/her dog. _______________________
That is a dog. _______________________This is a dog here. _______________________
That is a dog there. _______________________My dog. _______________________
This dog. _______________________Those dogs. _______________________
aniki lii shyayn soon shyayn anaa li shyayn li shyayn awaa toon shyayn awaa li shyayn ooki lii shyayn leu shyayn moon shyayn aen shyayn anaa aen shyayn anaa aakoota li shyayn anaa aen shyayn awaa aen shyayn awaa oota
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