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Lii Kooleur 2

  1. li laak _____________________________[the lake is blue] (blue)

  2. oohin lii liivr _____________________________[these books are green] (green)

  3. la taab _____________________________[the table is white] (white)

  4. l'oor _____________________________[the bear is black] (black)

  5. lii zatomobil _____________________________[the vehicles are orange] (orange)

  6. la shayzh _____________________________[that chair is orange] (orange)

  7. li sooyii _____________________________[the shoe is purple] (purple)

  8. lii shyayn _____________________________[the dogs are black] (black)

  9. tii zhveu _____________________________[your hair is orange] (orange)

  10. li lyayv _____________________________[the rabbit is white] (white)

  11. lii stool _____________________________[the stools are red] (red)

  12. aniki lii zaariyaanl _____________________________[those moose are brown] (brown)

  13. la kooleur di saan _____________________________[the colour of blood is red] (red)

  14. li baa _____________________________[the sock is green] (green)

  15. lii zaef _____________________________[eggs are white] (white)

  16. lii grenn _____________________________[the berries are purple] (purple)

  17. la paakaan _____________________________[the peanut is brown] (brown)

  18. oohin lii kilot _____________________________[these pants are pink] (pink)

  19. li zwayzoo _____________________________[the bird is blue] (blue)

  20. ta laang _____________________________[your tongue is pink] (pink)

li blaanyiwunwa li verriwiw li vyaletiwuk li blaanyiwiw li blaanyiwun li roozhiwun li veryiwunwa l'oraanzhiwunwa li kooleur dirooziwun li roozhiyiwuk li nwayriyiwuk li brunyiwiw li bleuiwiw li vyaletyiwun li bruniyiwuk li bleuyiwun li nwayriwiw l'oraanzhyiwun l'oraanzhiyiwuk kooleur diroozyiwuk
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