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Image A Métis Wedding (01)
Image A Métis Wedding (02)
Image A Thousand Supperless Babes: The Story of the Métis
Image Aen kroshay aen tapee avec mi gineey: Métis Hooked Rugs
Image Aen saencheur flechey: Métis Fingerweaving
Image Changes
Image Howard Adams: Otapawy!
Image Kitaskînaw î pî kiskinohamâkoya: The Land Gives us our Knowledge
Image Li Michif: The Language of Our Families (Li Michif: Kakee-Payshee-Peekishkwaywuk-Oma)
Image Mashnikwawchikun avec la sway di fil: Métis Silk Embroidery
Image Our Shared Inheritance: A Tradition of Métis Beadwork
Image Richard Lafferty: The Muskeg Fiddler
Image The Alfred Reading Series (Alfred's First Day at School, Alfred's Summer, and The Big Storm)
Image The Alfred Reading Series (The Pow-Wow and Lisa and Sam)
Image The Beaversʼ Big House
Image The Bulrush Helps The Pond
Image The Métis Alphabet Book
Image The Story of the Crescent Lake Métis: Our Life on the Road Allowance


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