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Top Image Collection Saskatchewan Archives Board—Métis Photographs Communities Fish Creek

Image Battlefield of Fish Creek
Image Fish Creek from west side of Saskatchewan River
Image Fish Creek Plaque
Image Graveyard at Fish Creek
Image Grenadiers relieving the 90th Fish Creek
Image Limbering up after “Fish Creek”
Image Scene at Fish Creek
Image Scene of fight at Fish Creek
Image Soldiers grave, Fish Creek
Image The Fish Lake Fight – Rebels under Dumont Firing on Middleton’s Advance
Image Where Middleton’s West-bank troops crossed S. Sask. River during Battle of Fish Creek
Image “A Battery supporting the Guns”
Image “After Fish Creek”
Image “Boulton’s and French’s Scouts”
Image “Boulton’s Horse”
Image “Burying the dead”
Image “Camp at Fish Creek”
Image “Church Service”
Image “Driving the rebels back”
Image “Firing the first house at Fish Creek”
Image “First of Fish Creek”
Image “Fish Creek”
Image “Front of rebel positions”
Image “Gun Pit”
Image “Old House at Fish Creek”
Image “Rear of rebel position where ponies were killed”
Image “Rear of Rebel Positions”
Image “Rear of same where A Battery attempted the rush and lost heavily”
Image “Rebel scouts captured before Fish Creek”
Image “Scalping”
Image “Sewing up the Dead”
Image “Shelter trench exercise”
Image “Some of our wounded”
Image “The Attack of the Rebels at Fish Creek”
Image “The Riel Rebellion – Facsmilies of sketches furnished by the Montreal ‘Star’”
Image “Wounded leaving for Saskatoon”


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