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Top Main Exhibits Learning Resources Archival Collection Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians of Saskatchewan Documents Aboriginal Rights Research / Discussion Papers, Late 1970s-1980

Document A Proposed Position Paper on the Hunting and Fishing Rights of Non-Status Indians
Document A Summary and Review of Research Findings Regarding the Rights and Claims of the Non-Status ...
Document Canadian Indigenous People in Relation to the Early Concepts of International Law
Document Discussion Paper on Aboriginal Rights, Origins, Theory, History and Application
Document Government Policy Respecting Native People: Its Development and Purpose
Document Nation: What Does it Mean and What Are Its Implications
Document Non-Status Indians and Aboriginal Rights
Document Overview: How the Government Dealt with the Indians.
Document Speculation in Half-Breed Land and Scrip
Document The Claim to Nationhood of the Metis in the Northwest Outside Manitoba
Document The Concept of the Supremacy of Parliament and How it Relates to and Affects the Rights of ...
Document The Extinguishment of Aboriginal Claims, Law and Practice in Canada
Document The Federal-Indigenous Trust Relationship
Document The History of the Metis People
Document The Nationhood Claim of the Metis—The Historical and Empirical Basis of the Claim in 1870
Document The Nature of Aboriginal Title—Is it Transferrable or Assignable?
Document The Natutre of Indian Title
Document The Question of Half-Breed Scrip as an Extinguishment of Aboriginal Title
Document The Roman Catholic Church and the Metis Nation
Document Who is an Indian?
Document ``Overview`` of the Relationship Between the Metis and the Indians


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